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For revolutionaries, light activators, visionaries and pioneers of the New Earth

INbodying INfinite I Am

Bridging Ascension through Cellular Consciousness

I invite you to join me on a transformative journey back INto You
Returning to your INfinite self through the finite self

90 min Webclass

Are you feeling the ascension frequency shift withIN your body?
Unsure of how to navigate this bridging transition between worlds?

Alchemise, Align, Allow and Access your Cellular Consciousness as you upgrade your body and help co-create the New Earth, through YOU.

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Thank you!


You are not alone. How do we live in this changing time where we are still bridging dimensions?

Navigating the ascension shift together.

Replay available.


IN-perience a Powerful Live Activation

Accessing the Cellular Consciousness, via the revolutionary Quantum Flow and Quantum Breath, we will INbody the frequency shift into the New Earth.

INperience for yourself the returning withIN that is a necessary part of this ascension process.


Matt, Qld, Australia

"I not only felt a release of physical tension and calmness in mind and emotions, I felt like I had risen in consciousness and physical strength and an increase in multi-dimensional clarity and peace."

Quantum Flow to Freedom

Vanessa Ina International, 

Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia, 4380​

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