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From Chaos to Calm 4 wk Program

Regain control of your life, learn how to remain calm and feel inner peace.

Service Description

I invite you to embark on the 4-Week Chaos to Calm Journey—your path to tranquility. If you’re grappling with stress, overwhelm, or anxiety, this immersive INbodied program is designed to help you reclaim your serenity and clarity. Through the Quantum Flow and Quantum Breath methods, I'll help you break free from chaos and restore balance to your life. Join me on this journey to find your inner calm and regain control, allowing you to be back in the driver's seat of your life. Each day, you'll log in to follow the online steps, complete the tasks, connect with our exclusive community, and join me for a live workshop and activation each week. Embrace serenity and take charge of your life with this transformative program that requires just 10 minutes a day. Chaos to Calm begins on Thursday, June 23rd, 2024, with our first online session together. I look forward to seeing you there and helping you achieve the calm and clarity you deserve! Much love, Vanessa xo

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Cancellation Policy

Money-Back Guarantee: You are entitled to a 100% refund if, within the initial 14 days from the programs commencement, you have diligently completed all prescribed steps and find the program unsatisfactory. Daily Commitment: We encourage your active participation, including daily tasks and attending live activations for a more enriching experience. Replay Option: Life happens! Participants unable to attend live activations can conveniently access recorded sessions. Privacy Compliance: Our practices align with Australian privacy guidelines. Rest assured, your personal information will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Facebook Group: It's a safe space! Share within the designated Facebook group, abiding by our code of conduct and respect rules. Sharing is part of the transformation process! Positive Communication: Lift each other up! Encouragement and honest, authentic communication are highly valued. Respectful Engagement: Let's keep it positive! Hate speech, personal business promotions, and disrespectful language or content are strictly prohibited. Confidentiality Assurance: Your well-being matters! For enhanced tailored support, it's important to disclose all medical and mental health conditions confidentially. Informed Consent: I’m here for you! Your disclosure helps me tailor engagement in physical and breathwork activities for your benefit. Physical Activities Disclaimer: Your safety is paramount! Quantum Flow involves cardio exercises, breath holding, and dynamic movements. Participant Autonomy: It's your journey! Listen to your body, follow your pace, and assume responsibility for your well-being. Healthcare Professional Consultation: Prioritise your health! Seek professional advice if you have serious physical conditions before engaging in the program. Non-Liability Assurance: Your safety first! By participating in this program, you agree to take full responsibility for any accident, injury, or death that may occur due to your involvement. Ownership Acknowledgment: Vanessa Ina holds intellectual property rights over course materials, especially activations. Restrictions: Sharing, printing, publishing, or broadcasting course materials in any form is strictly prohibited. Designated Group: Community matters! All participant communication occurs within the designated Facebook group. Contact Information: Stay connected! Communication with Vanessa Ina is facilitated through

Contact Details

  • 463 Back Creek Road, Severnlea QLD, Australia

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