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Ready to Break Free from Stress, Overwhelm, Anxiety, and Trauma?

Imagine feeling calm, empowered and in control of your life.

Transform Your Life From Chaos to Calm

Harnessing the Power of the Revolutionary Quantum Flow and Quantum Breath Methods, for Clarity, Inner Peace, and Lasting Empowerment

From Chaos to Calm

1 hr Webclass  - June 29th


Join me for a transformative 1-hour workshop where we'll delve into the sources of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. Learn how our nervous system and subconscious mind create protective programs that can ultimately harm us when no longer needed... and how to re-program it for lasting change.


IN-perience a Powerful Live Activation

All me to introduce you to the revolutionary Quantum Breath and Flow methods. These techniques foster lasting change within your body, helping you achieve that much sought after calm and clarity.

You have to experience it to believe it!

I'll guide you through a powerful activation, leaving you feeling calm and empowered.

Don’t miss this opportunity to feel the shift withIN you.



If you miss the live event, the replay will be available to you so that don't miss out on this powerful activation. Plus, you can come back and do it again whenever you like, benefitting exponentially from Quantum Flow and Breath.


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Quantum Flow to Freedom

Vanessa Ina International, 

Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia, 4380​

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