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Quantum Flow Reloaded: Incorement

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Part 4: Unveiling the Core

Have you ever wondered what it truly means to connect with the core of your being? Are you ready to discover your unique gifts, passions, and purpose? Join me on my Quantum Flow Certification Reloaded journey, as we explore the transformative third stage known as "Incorement."

In-Corement: The Quest for Inner Truth

Incorement comes after grounding and alchemy, two foundational stages that allowed us to tap into our inner wisdom and shed the limitations holding us back. Now, as we delve into Incorement, we find ourselves at the very core of our existence, where a reservoir of liberated energy awaits. Getting deep INto our CORE at the essence of who we really are.

During Incorement we gather, harness, and elevate this energy, using the power of our body, breath, and intention. We guide this potent life force as it spirals up our spine, toward the upper centres, where it takes on the form of a catalyst for manifestation.

A Journey of Unity

Part of the Incorement experience, is a surge of energy that reaches the brain. This surge, when done right, opens both hemispheres of the brain, uniting the masculine and feminine energies within. This unity extends to the crown, connecting with the transmitters and receivers within the brain. This is where clear intention is important as the signal we transmit and receive is broadcast to the Universe.

As we gather and elevate this energy, our toroidal field expands, enabling us to transmit soul-aligned, heart-centered messages into the quantum field—the very source of all creation. It's important to understand that true intuition is not found in the mind, but emanates from the Core (the seat of the soul).

Uncovering Your Authentic Self

Incorement serves as a clarion call to clear away the distortions that have concealed our authentic selves. It unveils our driving forces, the passions that set our souls ablaze, and the unique gifts, purpose, and power that are ours to wield.

With newfound clarity, we're free to live, breathe, and speak from our core, steering our lives towards alignment with our soul's purpose. It's about embracing our true selves without reservation, free from the chains of judgment or ridicule.

Radiance from Within

During my Incorement journey, I felt an extraordinary connection with my soul—a profound sense of unity, harmony, and light. Within this core, I discovered my inner golden light being, whom I affectionately call the "Golden Light Goddess." I was reminded that I'm here to anchor the light, to play my part in elevating the frequency of this world's ascension process.

This revelation ignited an irresistible urge to be unabashedly myself, to shine brightly, and to guide others along their path. The differences that once held me back had been alchemised allowing the true Goddess within to be viscerally felt. My breath, chest and entire electromagnetic field expanded as I allow my true self to shine.

Living Your Mission

I realised more clearly that my mission is to shine brilliantly and lead others. To fulfill this mission, I must live my truth, embody it, and radiate it without reservation. Each day, as I practiced the Incorement activation, the Golden Goddess within me shone even brighter.

I felt an overwhelming sense of unity within my body and field, surrounded by boundless love and support from my spiritual team. I found myself naturally resisting old patterns that had kept me playing small, speaking my truth with an open heart and a gentle voice.

A Journey of Gratitude and Love

Incorement has been a powerful reminder that I am more than I ever imagined. I am filled with gratitude, radiant as starlight, and brimming with love as I align with my true self.

As we venture forward on the Quantum Flow journey, I eagerly anticipate the next stage of radiancy, where I will focus on really shining out my true self. I will continue to listen to my inner wisdom and soul's guidance, radiating my unique core truths from the heart into the world, lighting the way for others to follow. I know I still live in a human 3d world and so will be faced with human challenges. As I am aligning and remembering my true light being, I feel so Divinely supported in my mission and I trust that as more of my unique core gifts unveil I will shine even brighter.

If you're on a similar journey of self-discovery and transformation, remember that Quantum Flow is not just about learning but refining and mastering the art of conscious creation.

Stay tuned for my next blog post, where I'll delve into the Radiancy stage of my Quantum Flow Certification Reloaded journey. Until then, may your path be illuminated with light, filled with love, and brimming with limitless possibilities.

Much love,


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