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Imagine living a life where stress, anxiety, and overwhelm no longer control your every move. Envision having the clarity, power, and freedom to design your reality as you please. You deserve a life that's not dictated by chaos but filled with the serenity of conscious creation.

I offer a range of services that cater to your unique needs and aspirations. I can help you find momentary relief through my "Chaos to Calm" 4-week program, which brings instant shifts from the chaotic feelings of stress, overwhelm and anxiety to lasting calm, clarity and empowerment.  Or we can go deeper together, on a more immersive experience, making powerful transformations in your life so that you break free from those chains of the past that bind you, once and for all. With the revolutionary Quantum Flow and Quantum Breath methods, I can help you rise above the chaos into a life filled with inner freedom and conscious creation. 

It's time to break free from the ghosts and chains of your past, and become the Creator of your own reality!

Step into the realm of Quantum Flow to Freedom and embark on a journey where conscious creation becomes an ecstatic and blissful reality beyond your wildest dreams!

Discover how to rise into the highest version of yourself, stepping into the life you were destined to live—a life filled with unparalleled abundance, boundless joy, and lasting bliss!

Quantum Flow is an IN-BODYment method. It distinguishes itself from conventional healing methods by offering more than just external, temporary fixes. It goes beyond the common approaches that may involve revisiting trauma or exerting force. Instead, Quantum Flow introduces a unique pathway to transformation. Allowing you to re-program your nervous system, gently rediscovering the inherent blissfulness within your body.

Contrary to the often arduous processes of confronting pain or pushing through strain, Quantum Flow, and Quantum Breath, focus on reconnecting with your body's natural state of joy, love, harmony, calm, and bliss. This emphasis on gentle, blissful exploration sets Quantum Flow and Quantum Breath apart from their competitors. The transformative journey isn't one of struggle; rather, it's an invitation to harmonise with the joyful essence that resides within, making Quantum Flow a truly distinctive and fulfilling approach to personal transformation.

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"Quantum Flow was very enlightening, nurturing, clarifying and relaxing.
I loved Vanessa's calm, nurturing vibe - beautiful soul."

Fiona, Queensland, Australia

 "After doing Quantum Flow with Vanessa, I felt much lighter and energetic. Inner tension was released and I could see my own lightfield.
I loved my experience.
Vanessa is such a beautiful soul."

Warwick, Queensland, Australia

"I felt so much lighter and like I was vibrating at a higher frequency. It really helped me release limitations in my life."

Phillipa, Queensland, Australia

"I not only felt a release of physical tension and calmness in mind and emotions, I felt like I had risen in consciousness and physical strength and an increase in multi-dimensional clarity and peace."

Matt, Queensland, Australia

Presented by Vanessa Ina
CEO Vanessa Ina International and
Flow to Freedom

Welcome to the transformative journey of Flow to Freedom!

My distinctive background, a fusion of academic expertise, a wealth of personal growth through overcoming challenges, and a profound spiritual awakening, uniquely positions me to guide you on an extraordinary path.


As a Quantum Flow Practitioner, Quantum Breath Instructor (in the process), generational healer, shamanic padawan and advocate for women's empowerment, I've navigated through significant adversities, including homicide trauma and domestic violence.


My mastery in biohacking the nervous system, energy work, and meditation has not only helped me overcome these challenges but has also empowered me to discover my true purpose and attain inner freedom.

I stand as living proof that such profound joy and freedom are achievable, emanating from within!

I am thrilled to accompany you on a journey of self-discovery, leading to the remembrance of your Divine Truth and the embrace of your Soul-aligned purpose with passion and power.

Let's unite ourselves, our communities, and our world. Together, let's rise and become conscious creators of our lives, and the shared reality we co-create!


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