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"Connect, Release and Rise Retreat, this November"

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Are you ready for a life-changing experience?

Join us this November for a retreat that will help you break free from limitations, reconnect with your soul aligned life and rise into your higher self.

Introducing the Retreat

At our upcoming retreat, "Connect, Release, and Rise," we're bringing together a community of incredible women ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and empowerment. If you've been feeling stuck or yearning for something more, this retreat is designed just for you.

What to Expect

During this retreat, you'll explore the powerful Quantum Flow Method, a revolutionary approach to transformation that goes beyond surface-level change. It dives deep into your nervous system, helping you release old patterns and beliefs that have held you back for way too long.

Reconnect with Your Inner Goddess

Our retreat offers a unique opportunity to rediscover your inner goddess and reclaim your power. It's a safe space where you can shed the expectations of others and reconnect with your authentic self.

Your Retreat Experience

At "Connect, Release, and Rise," we believe in a holistic approach to transformation. Here's what you can expect during this transformative journey:

  • Deep Dive into Quantum Flow: Immerse yourself in the Quantum Flow Method through guided group activations and journaling exercises. Connect with your inner self on a profound level. Bio-hack your nervous system to transform those limitations into triumph.

  • Rediscover Your Inner Fire: Our retreat is designed for women who are ready to rediscover their inner fire, passion, and purpose. It's a space where you can let go of what no longer serves you and step into a soul-aligned, higher version of yourself.

  • Forest Bathing: Experience the rejuvenating power of nature with guided forest bathing sessions. Connect with the natural world and find inner peace.

  • Sacred Fire Alchemy: Participate in a shamanic ceremony and Quantum Flow alchemy activation by the sacred fire. Tap into ancient wisdom and ignite your inner transformation.

Introductory 20% off Offer

To make this experience even more accessible, we're excited to offer an introductory 20% discount for a limited time. Don't miss this opportunity to join us at a reduced rate and discover your path to true transformation.


"The practice felt gentle, loving, nourishing and creative. It really helped me shift my perspective about how I have created my reality. I felt inspired, like all things are possible."

Melissa, Queensland

"I felt so much lighter and like I was vibrating at a higher frequency. It really helped me release limitations in my life"

Phillipa, Queensland

Don't miss out on this incredible offer. Space is limited, and this discount won't last long. Register today and take the first step towards unlocking your true potential.

Please note that this event has been postponed until 2024.

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