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eclipse transformation 2023

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

transformation fire, ceremonial circle, full moon
Transformation fire in the ceremonial circle with the full moon shining on

At the end of April 2023 began an exciting time for those in Australia who tune into celestial events. There was a total solar eclipse which was viewable from Ningaloo, in Western Australia during the middle of the day. For 62 seconds our view of the sun was in absolute darkness, totally blocked out by the moon. I did not get to experience this event from Ningaloo but a partial eclipse from my home in Queensland, Australia. It was important to me not just because total solar eclipses are rare but because of what they represent and their effects upon the energy or frequency of life on this planet. They really are times of great energy shifts which earthlings can tune into for healing, greater personal growth and spiritual connection.

Eclipse Portals

It was also the beginning of an eclipse portal, or opportunity for entering into a significant period of change. Why? Because only 15 days after the solar eclipse, we experienced a total lunar eclipse that was visible from the Northern hemisphere. Lunar eclipses represent healing of the unconscious.

I took this eclipse portal opportunity for great healing and growth, to flow with the energies of the cosmos and conduct my own personal transformation. To do this I decided to focus on the area most lacking in my personal and spiritual growth, my physical health. To do this I decided to detox my body. Now I know that whenever I try to do too much I end up overwhelmed and then rarely finish the challenge, so in accordance with knowing myself and tailoring the situation to me personally, I decided to do this detox not by doing more, but by doing less. So I just stopped eating sugar, yeast, dairy, gluten and any processed foods. I also cut out my coffee satchels and reduced coffee until by the end I had cut out coffee altogether. I just ate fruit and veg and I tried to eat as much raw or near raw veg as possible.

For coffee substitute I made dandelion root with pepper, ginger, turmeric, a little honey and occasionally a spoon of vegan protein mix. I also took some plant minerals and vitamins and a spoon of diatomaceous earth every day to help clean out my digestive tract. I fasted on the 8th day and the 16th day.


I noticed that body felt lighter and lighter and my energy increased. My sleep throughout the entire two weeks continued to be full of dreams and waking up consistently but I did have a lot of insightful and revealing dreams that assisted with my growth. Journaling about these in the wee hours before exposing myself to the external world really helped with understanding.

Journaling almost every day helped me learn a lot about myself and to gain clarity on thoughts or emotions that were skimming the surface but not really explored until I began writing.

I did Quantum Flow every day and had the most intensely powerful and connective experiences throughout. I also meditated and again, the ease of reaching that place of no time and space, accessing, and staying in the quantum field/Universe/GodDESS was way more than normal. I had some very blissful, orgasmic type moments feeling the rushing spiral of energy rising up my spine and flowing around me in a toroidal field of absolute Oneness with the Universe. It was magnificent.

The themes that kept coming up for me were about trusting in and listening to my body. Being INbodied and knowing that my body is of the earth and is a powerful holder of knowledge and wisdom and also able to channel love and awareness from the Goddess Earth as I am part of her. So grounding was a big theme and feeling that love and power of the Earth Mother.

Another important theme, and one that is linked to the opening up and receiving of pleasure and joy and abundance, was generational healing. As the two weeks drew to a close this became more and more prominent.

Celestial Importance

The portal ended not just with a lunar eclipse, but a full moon and Samhain (the midpoint between autumn equinox and winter solstice in the southern hemishphere.) Yes, a very powerful energy time as the peak of these three events were within an hour and fifteen minutes of each other.

The lunar eclipse is really about revealing the hidden parts, or the parts of us that are in the shadows. Being in Scorpio it was a water moon, telling me that it was hidden emotions that would be revealed. Samhain is about remembering the ancestors. It is a time when the veil between the two worlds is thinnest and so it is said that we able to connect easier with our ancestors. We remember them, honour them and acknowledge what lessons we learnt from them. We also consider that we too will be ancestors one day and what legacy will we leave our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Death and rebirth is a big theme for Samhain and I feel as though that is what happened to me during this eclipse transformational journey.

Sacred Ceremony

Between 3am and 4.30am (the peak of all three events occurred within this space of time), I performed an amazing shamanic ceremony. I was physically on my own, but as I opened circle and called in all my Spirit support, I felt them come. I felt such amazing connection, gratitude and support from so many. Generational healing really became the big theme as I intuitively was guided through the celebration.

The death of scarcity and fear was what came up the most. I felt the scarcity of freedom, self-expression, money, security, voice, power from particularly the generations of women in my line. There was a lot of fear related to all of this. Fear of men, the patriarchy, control systems, one’s own power. I accepted that and I took it all and I ritually burnt it in the fire.

I then birthed into the fire, abundance. Abundance, of freedom, self-expression, money, security, voice and power, all wrapped up in a total abundance of love. It was an amazing experience I am so grateful for. I decided to do a small quantum flow session at the end to INbody the alchemising and manifesting of all of what had occurred in word, emotion and magical ceremony. My 9 yr old daughter joined me near this end of this and was there for the closing of the circle. I felt this also symbolic for what I heal in myself heals not only those that came before but those who come after.


My two week eclipse transformation was a worthwhile and successful venture. I feel so much better and as though my body detox has allowed for even more energy and light to exist within me. It has allowed me to expand more into my natural state of Oneness with the Universe.

I am the Universe. I am the Quantum field of infinite possibilities. I am a unique expression of all that is, all that was and all that ever will be. I am abundance. I am love.

I will be continuing to follow a healthy eating diet, not because I am making myself do so, but because the love that I feel within comes out with reverence and love for my body.

I will keep you posted.


Much love,

Vanessa Ina. xo

transformation sunrise, rebirth
Transformation sunrise. The rebirth has begun.

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